LIVE from Atlanta: Rivals Underclassmen Challenge

ATLANTA – With Thursday’s Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge now in the books, it’s time to turn our attention to the next group. Today, follow the news and opinions coming out of the Rivals Underclassmen Challenge right here.

FIVE-STAR CHALLENGE COVERAGE: Analysis | MVP spotlight | WR vs. DB Part 2 | WR vs. DB Part 1 | OL vs. DL | RB vs. LB | Sherrod Covil commits to Clemson during Five-Star Challenge

FIVE-STAR CHALLENGE INTERVIEWS: Lebbeus Overton | Oscar Delp | Shawn Murphy | Cade Klubnik | Jaylen Sneed | Dante Moore | Beau Atkinson | Justin Williams | Jeadyn Lukus | Dillon Tatum | Tawfiq Thomas | Trent Ramsey | Cayden Green

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